Top 10 Tires with Speed Rating H Revealed

Discover the top 10 tires that meet the H speed rating standard, combining performance with safety. Ideal for vehicle enthusiasts.

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Top 10 Tires with Speed Rating H Revealed
Top 10 Tires with Speed Rating H Revealed

Finding tires with a Speed Rating H is crucial for those who prioritize both performance and safety in their driving experience. This rating signifies that the tires can handle speeds up to 130 mph, blending reliability with the thrill of driving. Ideal for a variety of vehicles, from sedans to some SUVs, these tires are designed to meet the needs of enthusiasts who demand a lot from their performance. In this article, we'll unveil the top 10 tires that not only meet the H speed rating standard but exceed expectations in durability, comfort, and handling.

Understanding Speed Rating H

Before diving into our top picks, it's essential to grasp what the H speed rating entails. This categorization is part of a broader system that rates tires based on their maximum safe speed. An H-rated tire is certified to safely handle speeds up to 130 mph. This capability ensures a blend of performance and safety, making it a preferred choice for many drivers. Now, let's explore the tires that make the cut.

List of Top Choices

Michelin Defender T+H

  • Exceptional Longevity
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Reliable in All Seasons

The Michelin Defender T+H stands out as one of the best H rated tires, offering unparalleled durability without sacrificing performance. Its MaxTouch Construction ensures that the tire maintains contact with the road, enhancing safety and fuel efficiency. Furthermore, this tire's composition allows for a quiet and comfortable ride, making it an ideal choice for drivers seeking a blend of performance and luxury.

Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring

  • Superior Ride Comfort
  • Excellent Wet Traction
  • Durable Tread Life

This tire is a haven for those who prioritize comfort and handling. The Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring, with its special Comfortred technology, provides 20% more cushion, significantly reducing road noise and offering a smoother ride. Its tire speed rating H means it's built to handle high speeds safely, while its optimized tread pattern offers excellent grip in wet conditions, making it a versatile choice for all seasons.

Continental TrueContact Tour

  • Outstanding Fuel Efficiency
  • Exceptional Wet Braking
  • Increased Tread Life

The Continental TrueContact Tour earns its spot as a top contender in the H vs V tire rating debate, prioritizing eco-friendly driving without compromise. It’s known for reducing CO2 emissions and saving on fuel costs due to its low rolling resistance. This tire doesn't just perform; it lasts, offering one of the longer tread lives in its class. Whether you're caught in a sudden downpour or enjoying a sunny day drive, the TrueContact Tour adapts seamlessly, providing peace of mind no matter the conditions.

Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack

  • Advanced Noise Reduction
  • Superb Wet and Dry Performance
  • Impressive Treadwear Warranty

Bridgestone's Turanza Quiettrack is designed for drivers seeking silence and safety. Its in-built QuietTrack technology significantly cuts road noise, making every journey more pleasant. With a speed index H, it's certified to perform at high speeds, bolstered by its tread pattern that excels in both wet and dry conditions. Moreover, Bridgestone backs this tire with an extensive treadwear warranty, underscoring its durability and long-lasting performance.

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

  • Eco-friendly Performance
  • Enhanced Wet and Dry Grip
  • Reduced Rolling Resistance

Pirelli's commitment to sustainability and performance shines through in the Cinturato P7 All Season Plus. Known for its tire speed rating H meaning, it supports safe high-speed driving while minimizing environmental impact. Its innovative tread compound enhances grip in both wet and dry conditions, ensuring safety and control. Furthermore, its low rolling resistance not only benefits the planet but also optimizes fuel consumption, making it a smart choice for eco-conscious drivers.

Yokohama Avid Ascend GT

  • Leading-Edge Traction on Wet Roads
  • Long-Lasting Treadwear
  • Quiet Ride Technology

The Yokohama Avid Ascend GT shines in its capacity to offer unmatched traction, especially on wet surfaces, thanks to its innovative tread design. Recognized for its tire speed rating H versus V, the Ascend GT is tailored for those who desire the assurance of safety without compromising on comfort. The integration of Yokohama’s unique noise-reduction technology enables a tranquil driving experience, making it an ideal choice for daily commuters and long-distance travelers alike.

Firestone WeatherGrip

  • All-Weather Reliability
  • Hydroplaning Resistance
  • Enhanced Comfort and Control

Designed to confront any weather head-on, the Firestone WeatherGrip is a warrior of all-season tires, embodying the speed index H means reliability in diverse driving conditions. Its tread pattern is engineered to dispel water efficiently, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. Alongside, the balanced design ensures a comfortable ride, offering drivers complete control, which is crucial at higher speeds. For those who encounter changing weather patterns regularly but want to maintain a steady performance, this tire is a match.

General AltiMAX RT43

  • Peak Noise Reduction
  • Impressive All-Season Performance
  • Technology-Driven Durability

The General AltiMAX RT43 is not just another tire; it's a testament to what tire performance rating H embodies in terms of versatility and endurance. Its acoustic modulation sound technology significantly minimizes road noise, while the reactive contour technology adapts to the road, enhancing tire longevity and safety. Boasting a lifespan that challenges the very best, the AltiMAX RT43 offers drivers a blend of comfort, durability, and year-round performance.

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

  • Exceptional Handling and Stability
  • Advanced Wear Technology
  • Superb Wet and Dry Traction

The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring, with its tire speed h rating, sets the benchmark for what drivers should expect from a premium touring tire. Enhanced by its Wear Square indicator, users can easily monitor tread life, ensuring they are always in the loop about their tire's performance. The innovation doesn’t stop there; with Cooper’s Stabiledge technology, this tire promises precise handling and improved steering response, offering safety and satisfaction on every journey.

Hankook Kinergy PT H737

  • Outstanding Fuel Efficiency
  • Optimized for All Seasons
  • Durable Construction

The Hankook Kinergy PT H737 represents the pinnacle of the H tire speed rating, merging eco-friendly driving with all-season reliability. Its low rolling resistance not only benefits your fuel economy but also supports greener driving practices. Constructed with a cutting-edge compound, this tire is built to withstand diverse weather conditions while offering lasting durability. For drivers who value sustainability alongside performance, the Kinergy PT H737 delivers on all fronts.


The Speed Rating H is more than just a symbol on your tire's sidewall; it's a promise of safety, performance, and comfort. This list of top-tier tires encompasses the best of what H rated tires have to offer. Whether it’s the need for quiet comfort or the demand for reliable all-season performance, each of these selections meets the speed rating H meaning with excellence. When choosing your next set of tires, consider how these options might enhance your driving experience. Remember, the right tire can transform every journey into an adventure. So, choose wisely and drive safely.

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