Top 10 Speed Rating Charts for Tires

Discover the top 10 speed rating charts to select the best tires for your vehicle's performance and safety, all in one place.

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Top 10 Speed Rating Charts for Tires
Top 10 Speed Rating Charts for Tires

Understanding the speed rating chart of tires is crucial for selecting the best tires for your vehicle's performance and safety. To have a comprehensive view, exploring multiple top sources is key. Not all tires are made equal, and what suits one car may not be ideal for another. The importance of knowing the speed rating cannot be overstressed – it directly impacts how your vehicle performs under different speeds, ensuring both durability and safety on the road. This article sifts through myriad sources to bring you the top 10 speed rating charts, all aimed at guiding you to make an informed tire selection.

Understanding the Speed Rating Chart

The speed rating of a tire indicates the maximum speed it can safely sustain for a certain period. It's an essential factor to consider, ensuring the tire you choose can handle the max speed of your vehicle without compromise. A deeper dive into the best speed rating charts can significantly aid this decision-making process, shedding light on the capabilities of various tire models.

List of Top Choices

Tire Rack: Comprehensive Explanation

  • Extensive guide on understanding the letter grades for speed ratings
  • Numerical speeds conversion in both mph and km/h
  • Links to tires sorted by speed rating for convenient purchasing

The Tire Rack website stands out for its detailed guide that simplifies tire speed ratings. By translating letter grades into exact numerical speeds in mph and km/h, it offers a clear pathway for consumers to gauge what tire suits their needs best. Particularly beneficial is its feature that allows users to filter tires by speed rating, which streamlines the buying process, ensuring you're only browsing tires that meet your vehicle's performance standards.

Discount Tire: Straightforward Speed Rating Chart

  • Provides a clear, easy-to-understand speed rating chart
  • Explains the significance of speed rating beyond just maximum speed capabilities
  • Offers practical advice on the safety implications of different speed ratings

Discount Tire excels in clarity and simplicity with its straightforward speed rating chart. This resource goes beyond mere numbers, emphasizing that while a higher speed rating can indicate a tire's ability to handle speed, it also influences factors such as handling and wear. Hence, the decision on speed rating is not just about the top speed but also about the overall driving experience and safety. This straightforward approach helps demystify the process of choosing a tire based on its speed rating for the everyday consumer.

Tirerack: Guide on Tire Speed Ratings

  • Elaborates on why selecting the right speed rating is crucial for safety
  • Includes an easy-to-navigate chart converting letter grades to speeds
  • Insights into how speed ratings might affect a vehicle’s handling and wear

Another entry from Tire Rack, this guide dives deeper into the nuances of tire speed ratings. It touches base on critical aspects of how speed ratings not only correspond to the maximum speed a tire can handle but also affect the vehicle's overall performance in terms of handling and potential wear over time. This guide is tailored for drivers looking to understand the comprehensive impact of speed ratings on their driving experience, spotlighting the importance of choosing a rating that aligns with their vehicle's design and intended use.

Lionhart Tires: Speed Rating Facts

  • Detailed explanation of what tire speed ratings entail
  • Discussion on the relationship between speed ratings and overall tire performance
  • Emphasis on the speed rating as just one factor among many in tire choice

Lionhart Tires offers a robust breakdown of tire speed ratings, delving into the technicalities of what these ratings really mean for a vehicle's performance. Highlighting the speed rating as one of several critical considerations in choosing a new tire, it encourages consumers to view it as part of a broader spectrum of features. This perspective is particularly valuable for those keen on understanding how different attributes of a tire, including but not limited to speed rating, interplay to influence driving safety and comfort.

BFGoodrich Tires: Chart and Tread Life Info

  • Details on how speed rating affects tire longevity and performance
  • Useful speed rating chart with additional info on tread life
  • Advice on balancing speed rating with other tire characteristics

BFGoodrich Tires provides a resource that is both informative and practical, focusing on the intersection of speed rating and tread life. The availability of a speed rating chart supplemented with insights on how these ratings influence the tire's durability and performance offers a more comprehensive tool for decision-making. For drivers concerned with both the longevity of their tires and maintaining optimal performance, BFGoodrich's approach helps outline how to strike a balance between these sometimes competing priorities.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Safety Guide

  • Overview of tire safety including speed ratings
  • Brief explanation of how speed ratings factor into overall tire safety
  • Links to additional safety resources and tire recall information

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers a primer on tire safety, which encompasses an overview of speed ratings. While not as in-depth as some of the other entries, its value lies in contextualizing speed ratings within the broader spectrum of tire safety and maintenance. This government-backed resource serves as a trustworthy starting point for drivers beginning to navigate the complexities of tire selection, especially in terms of safety considerations.

Car and Driver: Understanding Tire Speed Ratings

  • Breaks down the alphabetized speed rating system in an easy-to-grasp manner
  • Offers insights into how speed ratings relate to performance and safety
  • Integrates expert advice on selecting the right speed rating for your car

Car and Driver, a trusted name in automotive journalism, breaks down the complexities of tire speed ratings with its characteristic expertise and clarity. By elucidating the alphabetized system of speed ratings, the article makes it easier for the average car owner to understand the importance of these ratings in relation to their vehicle's performance and safety. Moreover, the inclusion of expert advice adds an extra layer of guidance for readers, helping them to choose tires that not only fit their car but also their driving style and safety requirements.

The Tire Safety Group: Importance of Speed Rating

  • Emphasizes the critical link between speed ratings and vehicle safety
  • Clarifies common misconceptions about speed ratings
  • Advocates for matching tire speed rating with vehicle specifications

The Tire Safety Group, an advocacy entity focused on tire safety, underscores the vital role that speed ratings play in the overall safety of a vehicle. By dispelling common myths and clarifying the truths about speed ratings, this resource empowers drivers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. The stress on matching tire speed ratings with vehicle's manufacturer recommendations is a crucial takeaway, encouraging a safety-first approach in tire selection.

Goodyear Tires: Impact on Performance

  • Discusses how different speed ratings can affect your vehicle’s performance
  • Includes a chart for easy reference to speed rating symbols and meanings
  • Highlights Goodyear’s range of tires across various speed ratings

Goodyear, one of the leading tire manufacturers, provides a resource that not only offers a chart for quick reference to speed ratings but also discusses the impact these ratings have on a vehicle's performance. By highlighting their wide array of tires designed to meet various speed ratings, Goodyear helps consumers understand the importance of choosing a tire that not only meets but enhances their driving experience. This awareness of how speed rating influences performance, coupled with Goodyear's expertise, makes it a valuable resource for those looking to purchase new tires.

AAA: Consumer Guide to Buying Tires

  • Outlines the different speed ratings and their applicability to driving conditions
  • Suggests best practices for tire buying, considering speed rating among other factors
  • Provides easy-to-understand recommendations for the average driver

The American Automobile Association (AAA) offers a consumer guide that simplifies the tire buying process, highlighting speed rating as one of the key considerations. With straightforward explanations of the different speed ratings and how they correlate with various driving conditions, AAA’s guide demystifies the process for the average driver. The focus on best practices, including an emphasis on understanding speed ratings within the context of overall tire performance and safety, makes this resource particularly useful for those looking to make informed tire decisions.


Understanding the speed rating of tires is more than just knowing the top speed your tire can handle; it's about recognizing the impact these ratings have on your vehicle's performance, safety, and handling. Whether you’re a car enthusiast looking to optimize your driving experience or a daily commuter seeking safety and durability, the right knowledge can empower you to make the best tire choices. The resources highlighted above offer a comprehensive guide to navigating the complexities of speed ratings, ensuring that you have all the information.

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